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    1. Government Association Could Hurt Audi's Chinese Market Strategy Says Bloomberg BusinessWeek

      There's no doubt about it, China is driving the automotive industry. Success there has saved brands like Buick from the chopping block while unparalleled growth of the marketplace has rocketed China to largest market for Audi... besting even the home field of Germany. So, when Bloomberg Businessweek prints a report suggesting Audi could be in poor strategic position here, Audi and those watching ...
    2. Audi Design Team Adds Beijing Studio

      According to a report from SinoCast Daily Business Beat, Audi has announced the creation of a Beijing design studio this week. Audi Design currently maintains studios in Ingolstadt, Munich, Turin and Santa Monica and this fifth Chinese studio will mark its first facility in Asia.

      The studio ...
    3. Video: Audi TV Recaps ILMC Zhuhai Race

      Audi TV has run a short video spot reviewing the recent ILMC race in Zhuhai. There's no new story here but if you missed the written race recap or simply want to see a spinning 911 take out a Peugeot 908 then watch below.

      <object width="853" height="505"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/ZHQHNXyVJDs?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US"></param><param ...
    4. Premat out, Darryl O'Young in for Audi DTM Finale in Shanghai

      AutoSport magazine is reporting that Audi Sport has made a driver change ahead of the DTM finale in Shanghai. French driver Alex Premat will not join the team in China, his #12 TV Movie A4 instead to be driven by Darryl O'Young.

      AutoSport is generally quite accurate but quotes from Audi Sport boss Dr. Wolfgang ...