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    1. Sign This Petition: Enable NHTSA to Accept Crash Test Data from Foreign Nations So Cars Like the Audi RS 6 Can Be Imported

      Here in the Fourtitude offices, we usually don't sign petitions short of lobbying to get Audi to bring over a car like the TT RS. However, we'll make an exception when it comes to going a step above and getting the American government to lower restrictions on private owners petitioning for importation eligibility. ...
    2. Audi S8 Voted 'Most Coveted' by Car Thieves Says NHTSA Study

      The American National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has just released a study tracking theft rates of model year 2009 automobiles in 2009 and the Audi S8 gets an honorable mention. While there's no danger such a rare car as the S8 will be out-stolen by mass market car thief favorites such as the Toyota ...