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    1. Audi Exclusive Sighting: Audi R8 4.2 in Imola Yellow

      This isn't the first Imola Yellow R8 we've seen or even posted in our Audi News Blog before but this latest car posted over on Audiblog.nl grabbed our attention just the same. There's something about painting the R8 in that gold hue made mainstream on the B5 S4 that emphasizes the car's exotic nature. No, we wouldn't order one in Imola and most owners don't, preferring greys, blacks and silvers according to ...
    2. Find of the Day: Imola Yellow TT 3.2 S-line with Manual Transmission!

      While spending the weekend in Audi of America's German market TTRS and rowing gears on its manual transmission, we couldn't help but wondering why more manual transmission TTs never made it to the USA. While the first-gen TT made due ONLY manual transmissions for most of its years, the second-gen car is practically the opposite with DSG S-tronic being the only choice almost across the board. I say 'almost' ...
    3. Find of the Day: Imola Yellow UrS6 on Ebay

      The last of and most potent of Audi's legendary 5-cylinder turbo sold in America was that of the original S6 a.k.a. ur S6. Production ceased in the back half of the 1990s but these sedans and avants maintain a cult following. While rare, it's not hard to find well-maintained and often-modded versions for sale online but one in Imola Yellow... that's a bit of a find.

      Given it's on Ebay we can't verify the condition ...