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    1. Lamborghini Murcielago Replacement Spied at Nurburgring

      Winding Road has published a story and an eight photo gallery about the upcoming replacement for the Lamborghini Diablo. Believed to be a test mule of the very car Sant Agata has been dropping teaser photos of, the rumormill suggests the car will be dubbed 'Jota'.

      Winding Road says the car will be an aluminum space frame wrapped liberally with carbon fiber and their photographer ...
    2. Spied: Possible Audi S1 Mule Out Testing

      We're not certain but we suspect the spy photographers who nabbed this Ingolstadt plated A1 running big wheels may be correct that it is an S1 test mule. Few details are confirmed about the upcoming S-version making us suspect most of the rumors around the car are just that but most suggest a 1.4-liter turbocharged 4-banger.

      Will it have quattro? If it doesn't it'll be the first S-car ...
    3. New Audi A7 Spy Photos Found at Quattroholic

      A7 spy photos aren't exactly hens teeth when it comes to rarity but a new set is a new set and these shots from quattroholic are both high-res and clean angles. Granted, the car has headache-inducing psychadelia vinyl wrapped over a ll exposed surfaces save lights and windows, but elements liket he car's R8 and A1-like shoulder-mounted rearview mirrors are interesting ...
    4. More Spy Photos of Production Audi RS 3 Reveal Odd New Mechanical Roof Spoiler?

      We've just finished making our post about the RS 3 and now found another set of photos on the same CarSpyShots.com website. This groups of shots show an impressively large rear spoiler seemingly angled the wrong way to create drag. CarSpyShots has two theories that the piece is either one very different mechanical spoiler design or a piece that is about to fall off.

      Frankly, it ...
    5. Near-Production Audi RS 3 Mule Testing at Nurburgring Undisguised

      The Audi A3 chassis may be entering its final stages of production ahead of a switch to MQB but that's not stopping Audi from going full on with an RS 3 version of the car. We've seen modified S3-bodied mules believed to be RS 3 test cars running at the ring before but the latest shots like the one above from CarSpyPhotos.com show a car a lot closer to production trim.

      The most noticeable ...
    6. Spied: Audi e-tron Test Mule Spotted Testing in Bavaria

      We missed this story on June 8 because we were immersed in 24 Hours of Le Mans race week but in our quick inventory of stories we may have overlooked we noticed an interesting group of spy photos published over at AutoExpress. The shots are identified by the magazine as an e-tron test mule and they're likely right as this R8-shaped prototype feautres camo over every space there would usually ...