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    1. Next-Generation Audi RS 6 Render from Theophilus Chin

      Theophilus Chin is at it again with another C7 render, this time the next Audi RS 6. From the looks of it Chin added silver mirrors and honeycomb grille to the C7, and from there pulled styling cues such as the chin, box flares and tri-five alloys straight from the current C6-generation RS 6.

      Chin's got two images on his website (linked below), including a rear shot that appears to have a lower ...
    2. Rendered Speculation: Audi A7 Sportback allroad quattro Cougar Mellenkamp

      Photochopper extraordinaire Theophilus Chin is at it again with an A7 Sportback allroad quattro. That's a long name for certain and we're guessing chances for such a car are slim but it's interesting to consider nonetheless.

      Check out more images of the concept after the jump.

      Full Story
    3. Theophilus Chin Imagines Audi A7 as 2-Door Coupe

      Photoshop render ace Theophilus Chin has posted one of his latest creations and his first based on the new Audi A7. With this group of renderings Chin explores what the A7 might have looked like had it been a proper 2-door coupe rather than the 4-door coupe sportback configuration of the actual car. Chin includes a rear shot as well with the story he posted on his blog. Check it out after the jump.
    4. Audi A1 Coupe? Theophilus Chin Render Speculates

      During a quick visit to the Theophilus Chin blog today we ran across one of his latest photoshopped works, the render of an Audi A1 coupe. Based on the image of an A1 S-line, Chin changed the roofline to something a little more TT-inspired though we're not exactly sure it works with the A1's decidedly taller proportions.

      Will Audi build an A1 coupe? Not likely. We've heard of 5-door and Cabriolet ...
    5. Rendered Speculation: Audi A3 allroad Cool But Unlikely

      You might remember Theophilus Chin from previous render posts we've made. Chin posts his work on his blog (linked below) and even publishes some in major magazines. One of his latest creations is the above very mildly facelifted 2011 A3 Sportback converted to theoretical allroad spec.

      So what do we think?
      It's a cool idea of an interesting production variant of the A3. However, the A3 ...