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    Audi Driver

    Celebrities, athletes, and other personalities known to drive Audi automobiles.

    1. Audi Driver: Vanessa Hudgens Picks Up New S5 Cabriolet. Posts Photo on Facebook.

      Actress Vanessa Hudgens isn't exactly new to the Audi fold. Both she and her boyfriend Zac Efron are regularly spotted out and about in four-ringers. Efron tends to prefer the R8 and Hudgens likes to be seen in Cabriolets, usually black Cabriolets. So perhaps it wasn't a surprise when the actress posted a shot of her new ride on Facebook.

      Based ...
    2. Audi Driver: The Other 'Iron Man', Ozzy Osbourne Rocks an Audi R8 V10

      From the man behind 'Iron Man' the song, I guess we shouldn't have been surprised to hear some Audi R8 news. CelebrityCarsBlog has caught photos of Ozzy and wife Sharon rolling in a white R8 V10 to grab some coffee at Starbucks.

      More via the link below.

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    3. Audi Driver: Robert Downey Junior Sporting the New A7

      Celebrity Cars blog has shots of actor Robert Downey Junior sporting a black Audi A7 this past weekend in Los Angeles. Given Audi's tie with Downey's blockbuster Iron Man series, we're not surprised the actor has chosen a four-ringer as his daily ride though he gets extra style points for picking the A7. And it's an S-line rolling on 20s no less.

      Check ...
    4. Audi Driver: Zoe Saldana Spotted in New A8

      We spotted Zoe Saldana, shown above in the April 2010 pages of Glamour Magazine, once at a party at the Audi Forum New York. Perhaps it's not a surprise that the actress is familiar with Audi. She even drives one according to CelebrityCarsBlog who recently photographed her at the wheel of a black 2011 A8. Check it out via the link below.

      Zoe Saldana's Official Website ...
    5. Audi Owners Sexiest Says Confused.com Survey

      We caught the results of an oddball survey by Confused.com over on Metro.co.uk. Examining the gamut from going all the way in a car to breaking up, the Confused survey seemed to reveal (at least for UK drivers) a lot of things you may have been curious about but never thought to ask. More notably for Audi enthusiasts, ...
    6. Audi Driver: Joe Jonas and His Audi R8 Spyder

      The Jonas brothers seem to have a thing for Audi and specifically the R8. Nick Jonas has tweeted about and been spotted in an R8 Spyder in the past and now it looks like his brother Joe has picked one up as well based on shots published by celebritycarsblog.com.

      Check out more photos of Joe and his R8 after the jump.

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    7. Audi UK PR Chief Jon Zammett to Attend Royal Wedding

      It's fair to say that Audi and the British royal family have had a long relationship. Princess Diana was known to show up at events at the wheel of an Audi Cabriolet, Prince Charles maintains a fleet of Audis and even soon-to-be-royal Kate Middleton has leased an A3 in recent years. Still, the fact that the Royals are so closely tied to the firm and Kate Middleton's recent testing of an A8 for use as her new car has been more ...
    8. Audi Driver: Actress, 'Friday Night Lights' Vixen, Yankee Fan, Sexiest Woman Alive - Minka Kelly Rolls in an Audi Q5 S-line

      It's fair to say that actress Minka Kelly has it going on. Okay, so her character Lila graduated off of highschool football show Friday Night Lights (surprisingly rare in teen TV drama), but she's not for lack of activity. Minka also starred in the movie The Roomate alongside Leighton Meester earlier this spring and, oh yeah, was named Esquire Magazine's Sexiest Woman Alive back in October. The ...
    9. Audi Driver: Jason Statham Drives an Audi A8... As If You Didn't Know.

      Hey, you know that actor Jason Statham? Turns out he drives an Audi A8. I know... surprising, right?

      It's fair to say that Jason Statham has had his fair share of association with Audi. There were the two guilty pleasure Transporter movies (2 and 3 to be specific, because he drives a Bimmer in 1). There was the Audi chase commercial where Statham rocked a then-new ...
    10. Audi Driver: Paparazzi Shots Show Jessica Biel Rocks the A4 Avant

      Okay, I'll admit, while we enjoy noting the cool celebs that drive Audis we tend to shy away from posting the more stalkarazzi shots of people filling their car with gas and the like. Acknowledging that, we'd like to apologize to Jessica Biel for posting this shot and a link to another over at Celebrity Cars Blog. You should be able to collect the parking ticket off of your A4 in peace ...
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