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    On the Market

    Cars or car items found available for sale.

    1. Find of the Day: Museum Quality 7,000 Mile 1983 Audi Coupe GT from NJ listed on Ebay

      Let's face it, unless they're an ur quattro, pristine Audis from the B2 generation have simply disappeared. Short of the ur with its then exotic pricing north of the Porsche 911, the squarish B2s were bought and driven... well, not all of them. We've just found perhaps the nicest example of an early small bumper Coupe GT we've ever seen.

      This 1983 GT is located in Wall, NJ and features a hair over 7,000 miles on the ...
    2. Find of the Day: Restored 1983 Ur quattro, One of the Nicest American quattros We've Seen

      If you've ever fancied owning an original Audi quattro then you may want to sit up and take notice. This red example with just 58K miles on the docket is one of the nicest we've seen this side of the Atlantic... at least based on the pics.

      The most ardent car collectors may not appreciate that the car isn't entirely stock... fitted with Euro bumpers, Euro blacked out taillights, euro headlights, ...
    3. Find of the Day: "Restored" 1984 Audi 4000 quattro on New Hampshire Craigslist

      Heads up for those into vintage and affordable Audis. The venerable ur quattro may get all the glory but one of our favorite of those early 80s Audis tends to be much cheaper and, these days and in good condition, proves to be the harder find. Okay, so the 1984 4000 quattro may not have the sex appeal of the box-flared coupe nor does it have a turbo but it does represent the only year for America where ...
    4. Find of the Day: 1989 Hurley Haywood #44 Audi 200 TRANS AM Racecar

      Via Hemmings Motor News, the availability of Hurley Haywood's #44 1989 Audi 200 quattro TRANS AM car is making the rounds on blogs and news outlets today. The car is currently owned by The Auto Collections of Las Vegas. Apparently the car was purchased directly from Audi Sport and it's actually been on sale (and on display) at The Auto Collection showroom/museum at the Imperial ...
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