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    Update status for Fourtitude's photo gallery archive.

    1. VAGkraft Audi Show Photo Gallery Posted on QuattroWorld

      QuattroWorld has posted photos from the Canadian VAG enthusiast show VAGkraft. Shot by photographer Jason Morabito, the collection of photos show the Audis that turned up at this Audi and Volkswagen enthusiast event north of the US border.

      Check them out after the jump.

      Full Story
    2. Silver & Matte Black: Audi RS 5 Photo Set on AutoGespot

      Matte black is most certainly an established trend on the automotive scene. The real stuff, i.e. vinyl, may not be the easiest to maintain over time but it's seemingly everywhere and our latest find of an example is on Audi's new RS 5 coupe. Complete with the sliver optic chin, grille and other brightwork, this is one of the hottest RS 5s we've seen.

      Check out more shots on AutoGespot.

      Full Story ...
    3. Audi RS 7 Render Surfaces on DeviantArt

      dacim12 over on DeviantArt.com has posted his own impression of what an RS version of the new A7 might look like. This RS 7 appears to effectively be an A7 PR photo with known RS design elements such as TT RS or RS 4 chin, RS 5 grille, rotor 5-spoke RS style wheels and chrome mirrors (actually TT mirrors and not A7 mirrors). Rendered in what appears to be Audi's Sprint Blue the photo is pretty convincing ...
    4. Four Ringer: Crazy Ur quattro Laps Nordschleife on Public Day

      We hadn't planned on making two posts in a row (much less the same day) from Nordschleifenbilder.de but this car warrants the second post. We're not sure what to make of this very purposeful looking Audi that seems to be based on the Audi ur quattro. While doors, roof and hood appear stock the car's super wide bodywork would make even the legendary Sport quattro envious of their ...
    5. Four Ringer: Audi 50 Lapping the Nordshleife

      One of our favorite sites must certainly be Nordschliefenbilder.de - the cataloguer extraordinaire of cool cars lapping the world's coolest test track. If you care to spend hours perusing countless photos of random German metal rounding the legendary Nurburgring then we highly suggest a visit.

      As for today's selection of cars one of our favorites was this subtly ...
    6. Accessories Program Revealed for Audi A7

      While in Munich last week for Audi's A7 reveal we picked up a copy of the sales literature for the car. S-line photos from the book have been making their rounds since the day after the reveal but we've found a few additional interesting shots toward the back of the book highlighting the Audi Accessories line for the car.

      There are just three shots and, as ...
    7. Audi Exclusive Sighting: TT RS in Porsche's Viper Green

      It's an acquired taste I suspect but Porsche's Viper Green is a staple amongst anyone with a Porsche 911 familiarity. Be it an early '70s long hood or a modern 997 GT3 RS, this vibrant and most primary green offers a very unique take on the "look at me damnit" color palette. Occasionally you'll find an Audi painted in the hue as we have here and, most fitting, it is painted on an RS. It's a TT RS ...
    8. Audi A7 S-line Revealed

      Earlier this week eagle-eyed Audi enthusiasts downloading the Audi A7 PDF catalog on the Audi Germany website stumbled across the first photos of the Audi A7 in S-line trim. While we were still in Germany we managed to pick up a hard copy of said catalog and have scanned in those pages. Granted, these shots expose the matrix printing process used for the actual paper version but they also ...
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    9. Audi A7 Spotted at Audi Forum Munich

      As you may already know, Fourtitude was in Germany earlier this week for the unveiling of the Audi A7 at the the Pinakothek der Moderne museum in Munich . Flying out of the Munich airport on our way back to the States we popped in to the Audi Forum at the Munich Airport and were pleased to encounter the Audi A7 a second time. The car is currently on display in a ...
    10. Audi R8 4.2 Photo Gallery Added Plus German Configurator Live

      When Audi dropped its announcement of the R8 4.2 Spyder recently, it did so with barely any photography whatsoever. Most news outlets ran images of the V10 version with the story but we're still not entirely sure those are accurate. Why? We've managed to find some more shots of the V8 version of the Spyder including shots from the Audi Germany configurator that's just gone live and the ...
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