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    1. Photo Gallery: Audi at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show

      Home to one of the nation's largest population centers, the windy city also boasts the largest consumer attended auto show in the nation. From a news perspective, the Chicago Auto Show may play second fiddle to towns like Detroit and New York, but the combination of consumer focus and a fantastic facility (McCormick Center), we still always find this event a pleasure to cover.
    2. Audi A3 Mule Spied Practically Undisguised in Spain

      As the new MQB-based Audi A3 moves toward its Geneva Motor Show debut, miles are still be ing logged on A3 test mules. This particular one, practically undisguised with the exception of some masking around the lighting elements, was caught driving down public roads in Spain. Thanks Kiky for the eagle eye, snapping a quick photo and sharing it with us. Expect full coverage of the Geneva Auto Show debut of the new A3 in early March. ...
    3. Peugeot Factory Ace Anthony Davidson Lands at Toyota as Opposition Builds for Audi Sport

      The Lion may have left the party but don't count 2012 as walk-away year for Audi. Fans of the newly-formed World Endurance Challenge lamented Peugeot's sudden departure and many hope competition from Toyota will make for an exciting race... or legendary rivalry even. Well, those fans will be pleased to see that these hopes are quickly becoming ...
    4. Video: Audi A5 DTM Tests at Estoril

      Check out this new video posted on YouTube of the new Audi A5 DTM testing at Estoril. Thanks Hans Z for the tip.

      <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/NqpcpnMIsIU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    5. Intel Report: Color & Trim for U.S. allroad Including Monochromatic Cladding

      Following our report this week from the Audi Exchange about North American launch details surrounding the new Audi allroad, we were flooded with questions about the mention of monochromatic trim. Apparently there are also rumors out there that matte paint would clad the monochromatic cars. With a lack of clarity and a surplus of rumors, we decided to chase down an answer from Audi of America directly for a final word. ...
    6. Video: Interview with Fourtitude Editor Unexpectedly Found on Vimeo

      During the operation of this website, I've found myself interviewing significant players in the Audi enthusiast world. From executives to Le Mans winners or enthusiasts, we're usually the ones asking the questions. So it was a bit of a reversal a while back when then Audi social media manager Laurie Meyers put the mic and the questions to me on a sunny day in front of Audi HQ in Herndon, VA.

      To be honest, I'd ...
    7. Is This JonSibal Render the Face of the New RS 4? Evidence Suggests It Just May Be.

      Just after we'd announced the winner this of our RS 4 Render Contest , well-known render artist Jon Sibal stepped up with a very interesting shot... similar to his version 2 above and the only artist to add in the box-style flares of the RS 5. Alas, Jon was too late to get in on the competition for the prize, but we think everyone would agree his work is top notch and win-worthy. Then Jon sent us a curve ball, a different ...
    8. Lamborghini SUV In the Works to Share MLB Architecture with Next Audi Q7 & Porsche Cayenne

      Remember the Lamborghini Estoque concept (teased above)? This edgy sedan was an experiment by Lamborghini, but one Sant Agata just as quickly dismissed when the market hit a recession back in 2008. That concept was based on Audi's then upcoming MLB architecture and experimented with ...
    9. Red Sonja Audi R18 TDI and S1 Group B Rally Car Now Available in Forza 4 as of Today

      Though news of this broke last week, we wanted to pass our readers a reminder that the February Download Pack for Forza Motorsport 4 is available as of today. This is great news for Audi motorsport enthusiasts since the pack includes the #2 "Red Sonja" Audi R18 TDI that won the 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans as well as an Audi S1 Group B rally car.

      If you wondered why there were few updates ...
    10. First Editorial Notes from MQB Technical Presentation this Week in Wolfsburg

      As mentioned yesterday, Fourtitude contributing editor (and VWvortex Editor-in-Chief) Jamie Vondruska attended Volkswagen's MQB Introduction presentation this week in Wolfsburg. Though presented in a Volkswagen context, this presentation is very pertinent to future transverse Audis such as the upcoming next generations of Audi A3, TT, A1, Q3 and who knows what else. Jamie has filed some initial notes from the event and will be filing ...
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