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    1. Recent Audi TechDay Highlights Audi Assistance and Lighting Technology

      Audi held another TechDay recently where they invited European press to see future technologies, this time focusing on driver assistance and LED technologies. If you're wondering where your car is going in the future, this story over at Car & Driver is worth the read. Technologies covered include surrounding-sensing collision avoidance systems, trailer reverse guidance ...
    2. Audi Q5 Platform-Shared Porsche Crossover Name Changes to Macan

      Porsche has announced today a name change for its small Audi Q5-based crossover. Dubbed "Cajun" during development by Porsche themselves, Cajun was the believed nomenclature for the crossover that's been seen testing wearing Audi Q5 bodywork from the Nurburgring to northern Sweden. That name is officially changed though, confirmed as "Macan" by Porsche just this ...
    3. Leaked Official Photo of New Audi A3? Sure Looks Like It!

      We're getting close to the Geneva Auto Show. In case you'd seen the photo blasts of the new Audi RS 4 and the TT RS plus and hadn't done the math, it's messaging time in these weeks ahead of the main event that first week of March. It's always a game to guess which reveals will come ahead of time and which ones will be saved until that first press day (or perhaps the Volkswagen Group reveal). Still, we'd bet our money it'll be ...
    4. Audi RS 4 Marketing Photos Released

      Audi's moved to the next phase of media rollout on the RS 4, adding a section to its German consumer website including some new photographic media. We've added the full set to our own gallery though you can also download logo-adorned high-res for your own wallpaper via their site. Find both via the links below.

      PHOTO GALLERY: Audi RS 4 ...
    5. Audi RS 4 Photos Leaked via Broken European Embargo

      Here it is! It appears those mysterious Polish bumper photos were spot on. What you're looking at is the initial mix of embargo photos released to the European press this week. We've found at least one site who's blown the embargo and since we're not held back by this particular embargo we've decided to re-post them now that they're published and out ...
    6. Audi RS 4 Bumper Mystery Continues But Potential British Customers May Now Rejoice

      We've just received some new spy photos of the Audi RS 4 still doing some testing in southern Europe. Bodywork of the car remains still remains unclear though shots like the one above to reveal a few key points. In particular, the front quarter panel in this shot from above seems to confirm a box flare style of widened fender consistent with the ...
    7. Photo Gallery: Audi at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show

      Home to one of the nation's largest population centers, the windy city also boasts the largest consumer attended auto show in the nation. From a news perspective, the Chicago Auto Show may play second fiddle to towns like Detroit and New York, but the combination of consumer focus and a fantastic facility (McCormick Center), we still always find this event a pleasure to cover.
    8. Audi A3 Mule Spied Practically Undisguised in Spain

      As the new MQB-based Audi A3 moves toward its Geneva Motor Show debut, miles are still be ing logged on A3 test mules. This particular one, practically undisguised with the exception of some masking around the lighting elements, was caught driving down public roads in Spain. Thanks Kiky for the eagle eye, snapping a quick photo and sharing it with us. Expect full coverage of the Geneva Auto Show debut of the new A3 in early March. ...
    9. Peugeot Factory Ace Anthony Davidson Lands at Toyota as Opposition Builds for Audi Sport

      The Lion may have left the party but don't count 2012 as walk-away year for Audi. Fans of the newly-formed World Endurance Challenge lamented Peugeot's sudden departure and many hope competition from Toyota will make for an exciting race... or legendary rivalry even. Well, those fans will be pleased to see that these hopes are quickly becoming ...
    10. Video: Audi A5 DTM Tests at Estoril

      Check out this new video posted on YouTube of the new Audi A5 DTM testing at Estoril. Thanks Hans Z for the tip.

      <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/NqpcpnMIsIU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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