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    1. Audi Acquisition of Ducati Announcement Due Next Week Says Reuters Report

      Though rumored for at least a month, Audi is poised to announce its acquisition of Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati says a Reuters report. Two unnamed Reuters sources described as "familiar with the matter" say Audi encountered no major stumbling ...
    2. Toyota Pulls out of WEC Spa-Francorchamps Round Following Accident in Testing

      In a surprise move, Toyota has withdrawn from the WEC round at Spa-Francorchamps scheduled for May 5. Sources at Toyota revealed that one of the Toyota prototypes with Nicolas Lapierre at the wheel experienced an accident that required the team writing off that particular tub. As a result, the team won't be ready to go by Spa.

      For Audi this means ...
    3. New Jason Statham Movie "Safe" Sure to Include Some Audi Q7 Action

      We've just stumbled across the trailer of the latest Jason Statham movie (thanks Chris Onefastaudi) and the preview confirms a bit of Audi action in the film. Of course Statham isn't new to the Audi brand, with his Transporter series of films, his narrator's voice on Audi's 'Truth in 24' documentaries and his own S8 and A8 ownership. Still, it's nice to see the brand sticking with the ...
    4. MY 2013 Audi S4 Order Guide Surfaces Online

      Interested in a facelifted A4? So are a lot of Audi fans, so we've no doubt the document linked below, the MY2013 Audi S4 order guide sans prices, has been closely scanned by members of that group. Our pal Zerin Dube from brought the PDF document hosted over on dropbox to our attention and we thought you'd want to know. See it via ...
      Audi News Blog
    5. Tales from the Dark Side: But does it work?

      As of this writing, I've had the mustang for a few thousand miles and the car is still pretty stock. So that begs the question, is the car actually fun to drive or is it strictly a numbers car? This installment will review what it's like for a German car fan to own something so strongly American.

      My natural automotive proclivity is towards a balanced driving experience over something ...
    6. Truth in 24 II Trailer Goes Live! We're Getting Close Now.

      Last week the Truth in 24 II microsite went live with some graphics. This week, we've stumbled across the trailer for the movie on the Audi USA website (linked below) thanks to Allan McNish who posted the alert on his Facebook page this morning.

      Go to the site and you'll find links to iTunes for download, though the links still point to the first Truth in 24. We know we're close because of this and because ...
      Audi News Blog , Video , Video
    7. Photo Gallery: 2012 New York Auto Show

      As major auto shows go, the 2012 New York Auto Show was a bit of a write off for Audi. There were no world or even domestic debuts for the brand. Maybe it was timing or maybe it was simply importance of this event for the brand but the lack of new models stood in stark difference to major shows like Frankfurt, Paris, Geneva or Detroit where Audi table scraps are sometimes more than other ...
    8. What Happens When a VW Owner and Fan Goes to The Dark Side, Pt II

      So after about 3-4 days of looking and thinking, I decided that the mustang GT was my car. I started going to all the Ford dealers I could find in my area to try and purchase a base model car with the BBK. Well, there were none in my area. All the BBK cars I had access to were premium package cars that were just more than I wanted to spend. I mean, in a 3 state radius, there wasn't a car available that fit my requirements. So I ordered the car directly from the factory.

      I never ...
    9. What Happens When a VW Owner and Fan Goes to The Dark Side, Pt I

      I often hear the term "dark side" when someone who is an enthusiastic owner of a car or brand suddenly changes teams and buys something from another brand. In the VW world, I have often heard this term used in reference to someone who buys something Asian. I think for most rational VW people, Asian cars are an object of respect, but not something to desire, in other words, not something that one can develop an emotional relationship with. And domestic cars? Meh, those are ok, but for ...
    10. Choice Gear: Audi & Auto Union Choices for Your Garmin Nuvi

      Open source software platforms always fascinate us. From the earliest days of user made car patches on the Need for Speed platform to more modern game and software packages, we've always dug users personalizing software... especially for Audi enthusiasts. Case in point is the navigation software for the Garmin Nuvi platform. Garmin has already offered many options for users to swap out their boring old navigation arrow for ...
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