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    1. Spied: Audi Q3 Test Mules Hit the Road

      The Audi Q3 moves ever close to production with market availability expected (in Europe at least) by the end of the year. Knowing that car is so soon in the shoot, we've not been surprised over the last few weeks to see disguised test mules out and about testing.

      We've just stumbled across a set of shots published by our friends Audiblog.nl that show the car from multiple angles. We're not positive, ...
    2. Visions of a C7 Audi RS 6 by Acerbus

      If you read this blog then the name Acerbus probably isn't new to you. We've featured renderings from the Poland-based designer before when he imagined an Audi RS 7 and a new Audi S8 .

      This time Acerbus has taken the same care in creating an RS 6 based on shots of the new C7 Audi A6 that was first shown back in December.

    3. Choice Gear: Urwerk UR-110

      In choosing goods and often watches to share with our readers as 'Choice Gear' we usually try to stick with the Audi theme or perhaps something that compliments your Audi in some way. Alas, when it comes though to the Urwerk UR-110 shown above we can only offer that the timepiece is one cool-looking watch and also one that's got a name that resonates with us.

      "Ur quattro" is the term most commonly ...
    4. Video: Ur quattro Takes on Ross Lake Ice Race

      One of our favorite personal blogs is the 'In the Garage' blog we've found at http://rgruppe.blogspot.com. The owner of the blog has a fixation on his vintage rally-prepped Ur quattro and also his R-Gruppe 911. His loves are close to our heart. Even better, he's posted video just this week of his exploits in his Audi (above) at the Second Ross Lake Ice Race. The video (you'll ...
    5. Theophilus Chin Takes a Stab at the Upcoming Audi A9

      We reported recently about an intel report we'd caught out of Automobile Magazine and their illustrious German contributor Georg Kacher. The piece was mainly about the architecture development movements within the Volkswagen Group including that of a new MSB front mid-engine large car chassis destined for future large automobiles from the Volkswagen Group's portfolio of models including Audi. Among the rumored ...
    6. #via4T: AutoCar Offers up First English Language Review We've Seen of New Audi A6

      Audi has begun the press rollout of its new A6 sedan in Palermo, Italy and though we're prepping to head to the Sicilian city in order to see for ourselves in February we'll have to live vicariously through the Brit books like AutoCar until we can see for ourselves. In this case the Brit book was AutoCar and the A6 a 3.0 TDI quattro with S-line package. How'd it fare? Read it ...
    7. Audi R8 Tron.... There's Nothing E About It.

      Remember West Coat Customs? That was the shop that did Pimp My Ride then split with Xzibit and the MTV crew to re-establish the shop's credibility. Seems some of those builds were a little over the top.

      Okay, so we're not saying WCC can't build some cool cars but our jury's still out on this R8 Tron. The re-make of the movie was okay I guess but adding the full Tron treatment ...
    8. NYC + Frigid Temps + Water Main Break + Sink Hole + Hammer + Screwdriver + Audi A3. Nothing Good Can Come of This.

      Cars and NYC just don't get along. Really. The relationship between automobiles and the island of Manhattan is toxic. If you're lucky you get pock marked bumpers, enough parking tickets to wallpaper your hole of an apartment, your iPod knicked by the parking garage attendant and a monthly parking garage fee that'd cover the lease on a new A8. That's if you're lucky.

      If you're ...
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    9. #LittleKnownAudiFact: 333 Count of Audi R8 GTs Not Effected by Demolished R8 GT Says quattro GmbH Boss

      On location at the Fascination quattro event in Mont Tremblant, Quebec last week we had the opportunity to have dinner with quattro GmbH boss Stefan Reil. We're guessing, if you're anything like us, you'd ask pretty much every question you could think of about the amazing mix of cars this man has been ...
    10. #Geneva2011: Gumpert Pairs with Touring Superleggera for New Second Model in Range

      If we had one complaint about the obscenely fast Audi-powered Gumpert Apollo supercar it just might be the cars looks. If you buy a car of this sort, basically a roadgoing racecar with a seating space molded into its carbon fiber shell custom tailored to your glutes, you can't exactly be a whiner about the cupholders. Still, it seems universal ...