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    1. Audi R4 Roadster Impression by Andrei Avarvarii

      As rumors continue to swirl surrounding mid-engine Audis, we've just run across this render by artis Andrei Avarvarii. This roadster is most obviously based upon the Volkswagen Bluesport concept car images and, if accurately date tagged, predates the 2010 Detroit e-tron concept Audi chose to show.

      We found the image over at the German Audi blog QARSI.de and have provided a link to that site ...
    2. Audi A1 Coupe? Theophilus Chin Render Speculates

      During a quick visit to the Theophilus Chin blog today we ran across one of his latest photoshopped works, the render of an Audi A1 coupe. Based on the image of an A1 S-line, Chin changed the roofline to something a little more TT-inspired though we're not exactly sure it works with the A1's decidedly taller proportions.

      Will Audi build an A1 coupe? Not likely. We've heard of 5-door and Cabriolet ...
    3. Carbontastic OEM+ Style: One-Off Audi Parts Displayed in Carbon Fiber Flickr Group Feed

      While we'll admit we're big fans of the graphite woven stuff, we'll also readily state that its application can be overdone. Surfing one of our favorite photo feeds on Flickr today we found two obviously Audi-based images and couldn't decide whether it was too much or just right. By now we've made our decision but we're curious about your take.

      The first image (above) shows the usual Audi wheel ...
    4. Benarrow PB5: Coachbuilt Audi S5

      Last fall on a visit to MTM we spotted a very odd-looking coupe in their Dyno booth. "No photos please," was what we were told when we inquired and we've since seen very few mentions of the car online. Today though, we're finding a bit more and were reminded of the coupe when we found a two-page spread over on the German Vau-Max.de VAG enthusiast blog.

      As you can see, the PB5 may be based on the S5 but ...
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    5. Video: Audi Tony Stark Innovation Winner is LuminAR

      As part of its Iron Man 2 movie tie-in that saw Tony Stark trading his R8 coupe for an R8 Spyder, Audi also ran the 'Audi Tony Stark Innovation Challenge' whereby it sought cool new tech developers and awarded one with a cash prize. A quick video from Audi of America's YouTube channel highlights the competition and shows a quick explanation of LuminAR technology that took the prize with its interactive tabletop projection ...
    6. Choice Gear: monCarbone HoverCoat Case for iPad

      Let's say you've got an iPad and you're looking for something very light to protect it and don't want anything bulky like some rubber sleeve. If so, we may have found what you're looking and, even better, it will match that trim in your S4 or R8. Behold, the HoverCoat from monCarbone.

      Okay, it's not terribly cheap for what is essentially just a cover for your iPad. Then again, it's ...
    7. Video: Audi R8 e-tron at Silvretta E-Auto Rally

      Audi TV has released a new video documenting the R8 e-tron's run and subsequent win at the Silvretta E-Auto Rally. The video includes a brief interview with Audi AG board member Michael Dick who piloted the car in the race and the illustrious enthusiast/executive spoke a bit about this R8 e-tron.

      Why an R8 e-tron? From the sounds of Michael Dick's statements, this isn't a move ...
    8. Turbos in Motorsport 101 from Octane Magazine

      When it comes to automotive history and perspective, we can think of no better source than Brit-born Octane Magazine. From the same company that supplies EVO, Octane is essentially a similar formula to the typical British classic car mag but with a decidedly more stylish spin. That folks like Nick Mason (Audi Ambassador), Jay Leno and Stirling Moss are all columnists ...
    9. Waterfest Preview: 500 Free T-Shirts and One Audi TT RS

      It’s that time of year again and Fourtitude is headed to Waterfest. Around this time of July the Volkswagen and Audi community heads to Englishtown, NJ to celebrate and those of us at VWvortex and Fourtitude are no different. To be sure, we’ve got a few of our own cool cars to show and we also have some other fun stuff to share as a way of saying thank you.

      Why thank you? As you may know, it’s been a ...
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    10. 4 Season 2010 Audi S4: Cortada Wheels from Audi Accessories

      For most car enthusiasts, there comes a time when the car as-delivered must evolve. Out of the box our 2010 Audi S4 with special Suzuka Grey paint from Audi Exclusive would make most anyone more than happy and our nearly flawless experience with the car has bolstered that opinion. Still, there’s always room for some ...