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    1. Photo Gallery: Heffner Performance and ADV.1 Wheels Garage Shoot with Audi R8 and Lamborghini Gallardo

      We've just run across a new photo set from ADV.1 wheels that appears to have been shot in the garage of Florida-based Heffner Performance. Heffner is known for its twin turbo kits for multiple supercars including the Audi R8 and Lamborghini Gallardo that both star in the shoot.

      Check out the shoot at Photobucket or Heffner Performacne ...
    2. Render Suggests View of Audi A5 Facelift Due in 2012

      As part of its product lifecycle, the Audi A5 is due a facelift and our own sources tell us this will come in 2012 as a 2013 model. Those same sources say the car will be more than the typical freshening or P.I. (product improvement) though perhaps not quite as extensive as say a B6 to B7 A4. Either way, just how this freshened A5 will look is up for debate though we've found one intriguing render from ...
    3. Audi Sport Boss Says No (Again) to F1 Rumors

      In many ways it's the same old song. In the wake of a Le Mans win, F1 rumors start to fly about Audi in F1 and Audi Sport chief Dr. Wolfgang says no chance and makes news. There's not a lot new here to report.

      Audi is one of those brands that is synonymous with motorsport and the idea of an Audi F1 car rounding Monaco, returning the badge to the ...
    4. Strong Dollar Against the Euro Not a Good for North American Audi Factory Prospects

      Audi has made no secret of its intent to substantially grow brand sales and improved sales in the North American marketplace has always been a key component to such a strategy. Audi executives have readily admitted that they were examining the idea of a North American production facility be it part of the new Volkswagen Chattanooga plant or something different but a recent week falling Euro ...
    5. Photo Gallery: Audi Tradition Supports Donau Classic with Vintage Audi quattros and DKW GT Malzoni

      The Donau Classic event is a staple on the Audi Tradition calendar each summer and this year Audi chose to support the event with their recently purchased Brazilian DKW GT Malzoni and a range of vintage Audis. Audi AG boss Rupert Stadler piloted the DKW while board member Michael Dick tackled the event in an early Audi 80 rally car that predated the quattro era. Walter Rohrl also attended at the ...
    6. Caption This 24 Hours of Le Mans Edition: Re-Thinking Timo & The Lions

      We get some photos via our various sources that make us scratch our heads and some that simply make us laugh aloud. This is usually followed by an attempt to caption what's going on. So why not apply to the above? I was just revisiting our photo gallery from the 1000 km of Spa earlier this season. At the time this was just an odd photo, but given this year's equally ...
    7. Hot or Not? New D4 Audi A8 Rims with Lower Ride Height and HUGE Wheels

      We've been big fans of the new Audi A8 ever since we saw it in the alloy at Design Miami and then later test drove it in Europe. In person the car is spectacular but online it has also found its share of critics. The usual comments are that the car is too subtle or looks too much like a big A4. We've found that seeing the car on the road can really improve one's impression of the car and in of course seeing ...
    8. Autobild Artists' Impression of C7 Audi A6 Avant

      We know it's coming, we just don't know when. The Audi A6 is now one of the oldest cars in the Audi fleet and as such it's due for a freshening. And, it won't be just a mild facelift either. When the next new A6 is shown (version C7) Audi's middleweight luxury will migrate to the company's very successful modular MQB platform. Like the A4 before it, a move to MQB is expected to seriously improve the dynamics of the car. ...
    9. Audi R15 TDI Add-On Released for Need for Speed Shift Video Game

      One of the things we love about computer platform racing games is the likelihood that they'll be modified by their users. Want a new track? No problem. Like a new car that's not in the game? We'll just see about that. Case in point is that of the Audi R15 TDI racecar and the video game Need for Speed Shift.

      Granted, you need to know your way around the video game installation, but still... This latest R15 TDI was ...
    10. New Audi A7 Spy Photos Found at Quattroholic

      A7 spy photos aren't exactly hens teeth when it comes to rarity but a new set is a new set and these shots from quattroholic are both high-res and clean angles. Granted, the car has headache-inducing psychadelia vinyl wrapped over a ll exposed surfaces save lights and windows, but elements liket he car's R8 and A1-like shoulder-mounted rearview mirrors are interesting ...