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    1. Visions of a C7 Audi RS 6 by Acerbus

      If you read this blog then the name Acerbus probably isn't new to you. We've featured renderings from the Poland-based designer before when he imagined an Audi RS 7 and a new Audi S8 .

      This time Acerbus has taken the same care in creating an RS 6 based on shots of the new C7 Audi A6 that was first shown back in December.

    2. New A6 Section with Assets + Configurator on Audi German Market Website

      With all of the craziness of our trip last week to Los Angeles driving the quattro Concept we totally forgot to run this in the rotation. Our apologies.

      As with any new model launch, Audi AG has backed up its push of materials via media outlets with a secondary push on its German consumer website. Via the link below, make sure to check out great ...
    3. Rendered Speculation: New Audi A6 Avant by Theophilus Chin

      The name Theophilus Chin is a regular on this blog for reasons that quickly become obvious to anyone who knows of the photoshop artist. Chin maintains his own blog where he regularly publishes images he creates in order to visualize upcoming new models. Chin is often extremely conscious and considerate of brand design and takes few artistic liberties... qualities that make photoshop renderers that much more ...
    4. New Audi A6 Photos Leaked

      It would appear that photos of the new Audi A6 have leaked and we've found them (thanks Teg for the tip!) over on Autoblog.nl. Based on the teaser video released earlier this week and the sheer amount of photos on Autoblog.nl, we're positive this is the real deal. Autoblog.nl has the full range of shots, interior, exterior, detail, all angles and more. Check them out after the jump.

    5. Video: New Audi A6 Teaser Shows Next-Gen Car in Blurry Motion

      Audi has released a video short via YouTube of the next-generation A6 due to debut in December and likely to quickly follow at the North American International Auto Show. Watch the teaser below.

      <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/XpVans97uhw?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" ...
    6. Spied: Next-Gen Audi A6 Spotted in American Southwest Nearly Undisguised

      Road & Track has run a story about the upcoming C7 Audi A6 along with some new spy photos shot during hot weather testing in the American Southwest. New A6 mules have been seen recently from Nurburgring to public roads but this is one of the first findings of the car on American soil and, while we're at it, essentially ...
    7. Spied: Next-Gen Audi A6 Back in Testing at Nurburgring and Spied by PistonSpy

      Our buddy Tony Dewhurst over at PistonSpy has nabbed the latest set of A6 test mule spy photos. It appears a heavily camouflaged A6 sedan was at the Nurburgring this morning going through the usual testing shakedown.

      As you can see Tony nabbed many shots of the car so make sure to go over to his blog and check them out.

      Full Story ...
    8. Spied: Next-Generation Audi A6 Virtually Undisguised

      Somehow we missed this round of spy photos last week but two readers independently sent us links to sites publishing them including Spyshots.nl and Car & Driver. We already know quite a bit about the new A6, that it will be based on a version of the Audi MLB architecture and is close in size to the A7. Interestingly though, this near undisguised shot shows more of a rounded A4-ish nose than the A8 or ...
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