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    1. Spied: Audi RS 4 Avant Testing Again at Nurburgring

      The new Audi RS 4 Avant has returned to the Nurburgring for testing and spy photographers who frequent the 'Green Hell' have nabbed plenty of shots. Unlike previous RS 4 mules in spy photos we've featured here, this latest RS 4 tester appears to boast the upcoming facelift bodywork planned for the A4 range such as A6 and now A5 inspired headlights, ...
    2. Possible Audi Q5 S Test Mule Spotted Testing in the Alps

      Check out this test mule spied testing in the Alps. Outwardly, there's not much oddball about the car. Other than a low ride height and what looks like some aluminum foil stuck to the nose, you wouldn't think much of it. Around back though (more pics after the jump), there's a quad exhaust. This is definitely a mule, and no it's not a Cajun as confirmed by those Ingolstadt plates.
    3. Next-Generation Audi S3 Caught Hot-Weather Testing

      Another next-gen A3-based mule has been spotted hot-weather testing in Death Valley this week and a set of photos of the car has been published over on WorldCarFans. That it's a next-gen A3 3-door body is obvious, but further deduction of its S3 configuration is defined by the car's fascia (very close to A6 S-line and presumably S6), as well as quad exhausts. WorldCarFans says the engine will be a 276 ...
    4. First Audi Q6 Test Mule Sports Modified Q5 bodywork

      An interesting set of new Audi spy photos came across our virtual desktop this morning, showing what outwardly may look like a Q5 but is most likely a Q6 drivetrain prototype.

      Why Q6? Whatever it is, this crossover appears to be both longer and wider than the Q5. Note the extension in wheelbase added in between the front and rear doors in addition to fender arch extensions from the Audi ...
    5. Spied: Audi A6 allroad Test Mule Also in Argentina

      We've got one more photo from this week's score of test mules spied running through their paces in Argentina this week. One of the cars in the convoy we originally reported about on Monday was definitely an A6 Avant. This rear shot of that car provided to us by our spy photographer sources reveals it's not just an A6 Avant either but likely one with allroad treatment. ...
    6. New Angles of that Audi RS 6 Test Mule in North America from AutoExpress

      Remember that group of Audi test mules including believed RS 6 Avant and RS 7 shot in North America last week? Brit automotive website AutoExpress has published a new set of stills that depict the RS 6 Avant with much more clarity thanks to a plethora of angles. Check out all of the shots AutoExpress after the jump.

      Full Story
    7. Audi RS 7 Test Mule Spotted Hot Weather Testing

      Check out these spy photos that came in from our sources this morning. The photographer labeled it as an S7 with a new bumper as S7 test mules have been regular fixtures in testing locales over the last few weeks. Even still, we're pretty sure this is an RS 7 due to that snarling maul.

      Other than the chin, the car looks as if it could be an S7 spec. The otherwise S-line ...
    8. Spied: Could this Brawny R8 Test Mule Indicate New ultra GT Offering?

      We're not sure what to make of this R8 GT-based test mule spotted at the Nurburgring yesterday. Clearly the car is a factory mule and clearly it's been upgraded. Here's a quick rundown of the changes we spot.

      *Bigger racing-style front chin spoiler
      *Front and rear fender flaps indicating a likely wider track
      *Small Gurney flaps on rear to each side of spoiler ...
    9. Spied: Audi S6 Avant Test Mule Spotted

      Audi engineeers and spy photographers alike have had a very busy day today. We've just received our third set of photos of the day and this time around the focus is the upcoming S6 Avant following sets of the R8 GT Spyder and S1 3-door

      Those who read this site closely already know that the A6 Avant will be revealed tomorrow at 8PM CEST, ...
    10. New Audi S1 Renders and Spy Photos Reveal Upcoming Smallest S-car

      It's a little known fact that the Audi S1 was supposed to be revealed nearly a year ago at the Paris Auto show. Paris organizers even listed the car as a headliner on the show website for a while but for some reason not shared wtih us, sources at Audi AG tell us the car was pulled from the mix. Several months later though in January, we had a chance to test drive a prototype A1 1.4 ...
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