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    1. More Next-Gen Audi A6 Test Mule Spy Photos Surface

      With the Audi A7 now revealed, Ingolstadt continues on with an aggressive new product rollout strategy and next up is the next-generation Audi A6. The so-called C7 generation car will share similar size and thus component set of Audi's modular longitudinal chassis set (MLB) and, as you can see here, may be heavily disguised but appears very close to production.

      Check out more photos at AutoWeek.nl. Thanks Hans ...
    2. Audi Exclusive Sighting: TT RS Painted Mexico Blue

      Mexico Blue seems to be a recent favorite of Audi's skunkworks quattro GmbH and their Audi Exclusive paint-it-whatever-color-you-want-it service Audi Exclusive. We've seen this vibrant blue with a tinge of green before, just last week even on an RS 6 cruising the streets of Munich. We think such a bold color belongs best on a wilder RS spec Audi and the TT RS certainly fills the bill. Care to see ...
    3. Audi RS 3 Spy Photos Round 2: On Road and Nearly Production Spec

      Remember that Audi RS 3 test mule that popped up yesterday? You know... the black one with pretty much production spec appearance and Volkswagen Golf R wheels. That car has popped up again and this time AutoWeek.nl has run even more photos showing it from several angles.

      Along with links to the photos we've also been told that some of the internet buzz about the car on other website suggests this car may be ...
    4. New RS 5-Inspired Interior for TT from Audi Exclusive

      While in Germany last week we picked up a stack of new Audi model catalogs including one for the TT that's just gone through a product improvement. Perusing the pages of the book since we've returned we think we've stumbled across something that's not yet been seen or shared. We've double-checked the Audi Germany configurator and not found reference ...
    5. Video: Audi TV Releases 30 Years of quattro Perspective Via YouTube

      The latest video from AudiTV on YouTube is an informative 10 minute piece on the 30 Years of quattro. You might expect this piece to be filled with vintage rally footage and interviews and in that respect it won't disappoint. Christian Geistdorfer, co-driver for Walter Rohrl during the rally era, points out that the S1 (above) was capable of 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds on ...
    6. Theophilus Chin Imagines Audi A7 as 2-Door Coupe

      Photoshop render ace Theophilus Chin has posted one of his latest creations and his first based on the new Audi A7. With this group of renderings Chin explores what the A7 might have looked like had it been a proper 2-door coupe rather than the 4-door coupe sportback configuration of the actual car. Chin includes a rear shot as well with the story he posted on his blog. Check it out after the jump.
    7. Cincinnati Reds' Audi R8 V10 is So Blue

      Via the celebrity car blog (and Jalopnik's Matt Hardigree) we've just stumbled across this Sepang Blue R8 V10 with color matched wheels. The car purportedly belongs to Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips. See more about it after the jump.

      Full Story
    8. Audi Exclusive Sighting: Goldfinger's R8. Deal with that Mr. Bond.

      Scott Mitchell from the IamAudi blog has been travelling in Germany and, a man with enthusiast priorities, is making like most of us do who visit the Audi Forum Ingolstadt and stalking rare Audis. In this case Scott came across a gold-painted Audi R8 complete with black interior with orange accents. We're not sure it'd be our first choice in color schemes but it's probably just right for its owner (and also a James Bond super ...
    9. Gran Turismo 5 Collectors Edition DLC Cars Revealed, Audi R8 V10 Chrome Line Included

      The long slow tease seems shortly at an end. Gamers and driving sim aficionados eagerly await the release of the latest and greatest evolution of the Gran Turismo franchise and its programmers at Polyphony have today announced a Collector's Edition at $99.99 SRP. Among the benefits of the Collector's edition is a voucher for five exclusive downloadable cars with custom liveries. ...
    10. Next-Gen Audi A6 Test Mule Caught Hot Weather Testing

      Check out the photo we've just found over on Spyshots.nl depicting what is reported to be the next-generation Audi A6. As of right now there's not a whole lot to see though the car is most obviously an Audi. What is somewhat confusing is the camouflaged nose sporting what appears to be a new design though the remainder of the body appears to be the current generation car.

      The Audi A6 ...
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