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    1. Small Car Trending Be Damned, Audi of America Continues to Sell Every Q7 They Can Get

      We're on the ground in Munich, Germany today for the unveiling of the Audi A7 and, flying out of Audi of America's home airport of Washington Dulles, had the fortune to be travelling with Audi of America President Johan De Nysschen. Over baggage claim in Germany we learned a few things about AoA's gangbuster sales year and one fact in particular that impressed us surrounded the ...
    2. Find of the Day: "Restored" 1984 Audi 4000 quattro on New Hampshire Craigslist

      Heads up for those into vintage and affordable Audis. The venerable ur quattro may get all the glory but one of our favorite of those early 80s Audis tends to be much cheaper and, these days and in good condition, proves to be the harder find. Okay, so the 1984 4000 quattro may not have the sex appeal of the box-flared coupe nor does it have a turbo but it does represent the only year for America where ...
    3. Audi A7 Photos Leak Two Days Ahead of Munich Reveal

      It just goes to show, a secret is only a secret until you tell someone. We're guessing some embargo photos went out to some outlet or another who managed to let these shots of the A7 slip out into the public domain about two days ahead of schedule. Why? The shots are legitimate from what we can tell and look like PR shots, while the selection is still just a few pics that ...
    4. The New Audi A8, Now with 21-inch RS 5 Rotor Wheels

      We like to think we're on top of things here at Fourtitude and can spot cool additions of new equipment from Audi the second they're made available... but visits to Audi of America's product planning team usually schools us on the limits of our own expertise. Special thanks goes out to Audi Q5/Q7 product manager Barry Hoch for pointing out one new bit of kit the 21-inch diameter form of Audi's 5-spoke "rotor" wheel now ...
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    5. Audi R8 Spyder with RS 5 Rotor Wheels from Audi Canada

      It's been noted in the that Audi's German configurator now features MY2011 details for the R8 including R8 4.2 Spyder information and also the addition of Audi's rotor-style 5-spoke alloy as seen on the TT RS and RS 5. However, even though the wheels had been clearly seen in the CGI-built configurator pics we had yet to see a car with the setup ...
    6. Georg Kacher Hints at Audi R5 e-tron on Automobile Magazine Website

      Automobile Magazine's German contributor Georg Kacher has filed a story with the US mag that focuses squarely on the idea of a newer, smaller mid-engine sportscar from Audi. It appears Kacher recently got access to the Detroit e-tron concept car for a quick test drive complete with pics and has published full intel on what he expects from Audi and he's decided to start calling the car 'R5'. ...
    7. Norwegian Ur quattro Photo Shoot Published on Klutch

      Photographer Joachim Naess shot the above thoroughly restored and upgraded ur quattro with RS 2 engine swap and has published a full set of photos of the car over on Klutch online. The shoot was originally done for Treffpunkt magazine and it netted a 4-page spread.

      The car itself is textbook in an OEMplus build of an original quattro. In addition to the RS2 engine, the car also gets H&R ...
    8. Audi R4 Roadster Impression by Andrei Avarvarii

      As rumors continue to swirl surrounding mid-engine Audis, we've just run across this render by artis Andrei Avarvarii. This roadster is most obviously based upon the Volkswagen Bluesport concept car images and, if accurately date tagged, predates the 2010 Detroit e-tron concept Audi chose to show.

      We found the image over at the German Audi blog QARSI.de and have provided a link to that site ...
    9. Audi A1 Coupe? Theophilus Chin Render Speculates

      During a quick visit to the Theophilus Chin blog today we ran across one of his latest photoshopped works, the render of an Audi A1 coupe. Based on the image of an A1 S-line, Chin changed the roofline to something a little more TT-inspired though we're not exactly sure it works with the A1's decidedly taller proportions.

      Will Audi build an A1 coupe? Not likely. We've heard of 5-door and Cabriolet ...
    10. Benarrow PB5: Coachbuilt Audi S5

      Last fall on a visit to MTM we spotted a very odd-looking coupe in their Dyno booth. "No photos please," was what we were told when we inquired and we've since seen very few mentions of the car online. Today though, we're finding a bit more and were reminded of the coupe when we found a two-page spread over on the German Vau-Max.de VAG enthusiast blog.

      As you can see, the PB5 may be based on the S5 but ...
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