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    1. 2014 Audi RS 6 Avant Rendered by Acerbus

      We're going to an Acerbus render for the second time today and for good reason. Having gone ahead and imagineered an Avant version of the new C7 A6, Acerbus also went ahead and tailroed it in RS spec. As with his usual work, Acerbus kept it with knwon styling cues such as oval rims, RS 5/ TT RS style rear valance and subtle box flares as seen on the current RS 6.

      So What Do We Think?
      The ...
    2. Next-Gen Audi A6 allroad (C7) Render from Acerbus

      Having first sampled Audi's new A6 just last week, we've become entirely convinced that the new car will bring about an all-new level of prominence for the brand. Given that, we've been particularly curious about what new variants of the A6 will look like. Thanks to photoshop render artist Acerbus, we're now able to see.

      So What Do We Think?
      One of the things we really like about Acerbus ...
    3. Visions of a C7 Audi RS 6 by Acerbus

      If you read this blog then the name Acerbus probably isn't new to you. We've featured renderings from the Poland-based designer before when he imagined an Audi RS 7 and a new Audi S8 .

      This time Acerbus has taken the same care in creating an RS 6 based on shots of the new C7 Audi A6 that was first shown back in December.

    4. Audi RS 7 Renderings from Acerbus

      You may remember the name Acerbus from the group of D4 S8 renders we shared on this blog several months ago. The photoshop artist grabbed our attention through consistent application of the latest S-car design cues to the new A8, creating shots of the car that we suspect will prove quite accurate once the S8 debuts. This week we've stumbled across a new collection from Acerbus where he applies the same attention to detail the renderings ...