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    1. Even More Audi RS 4 Test Mule Sightings Reported

      Remember that Audi commercial with the car carrier? You know... the one where the BMW owner climbs on the roof of his car at a fairly decent clip and jumps onto a car carrier loaded with new Audis. It's funny yes, but any killjoy likely ran through the scenario in his or her head and wrote it off as something no sane person would ever do. Certainly not... well... there might be a reason ...
    2. New Audi A6 Photos Leaked

      It would appear that photos of the new Audi A6 have leaked and we've found them (thanks Teg for the tip!) over on Autoblog.nl. Based on the teaser video released earlier this week and the sheer amount of photos on Autoblog.nl, we're positive this is the real deal. Autoblog.nl has the full range of shots, interior, exterior, detail, all angles and more. Check them out after the jump.