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    1. Geneva 2011: Even More Lamborghini Aventador from Lambo's AutoSalon Show Stand

      There's no doubt the super light and super fast Lamborghini Aventador super sports car was the star of the Volkswagen Group's reveal night the day before the opening of the Geneva Motor Show. When the Geneva PalExpo finally opened to the motoring press, the latest Lambo likely remained one of the most popular 'Best of Show' nominees in straw polls over ...
    2. Geneva 2011: Volkswagen Group L'Esprit des Marques Photo Gallery Added

      As has become tradition at major European motor shows, the Volkswagen Group invited a few thousand of its closest friends to reveal many highlights of their planned debuts at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Ditching the term 'Night of Driving Ideas', the VW Group went with the more appropriate (for French-speaking Geneva) L'Esprit des ...