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    1. CAR Magazine Publishes Next-Generation Audi R8 Intel Report by Georg Kacher

      At Fourtitude we like to think we're well-connected to the inside line in Ingolstadt, even ahead of the curve. Then there are guys like Georg Kacher, someone we hold in the highest regard for his own nearly unmatched insight into product development at Audi. Kacher's published a new piece just this morning over at CAR and it highlights what he currently knows ...
    2. Render + Intel: AutoExpress on the New Audi A3

      Brit car magazine AutoExpress has run an interesting intel report on the upcoming Audi A3. The piece includes several photoshop renders of 3-door and 5-door Sportback variants. And while it doesn't really break any new news intel, the piece does summarize all that is known thus far rather succinctly. In particular detail are a listing of engines and even hybrid and electric drivetrains. ...
    3. Driver's Notes: 2011 Audi A7 3.0T FSI quattro (Day #2, US Spec Versus European Spec)

      48 hours into our stay with our Havanna Black Metallic Audi A7 and the car continues to impress. We could go on and on about the design or relay instances where this BMW-driving person or that Lexus-owning person admires the car and inquires about it, but that all seems to run together eventually. Instead, we've decided to focus more on some different aspects about the car. Today we're highlighting the differences between ...
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    4. Choice Gear: Apple iPad2 Launches During Busy News Week

      While we were on the ground in Geneva this week for the annual motor show we weren't overly surprised to see the Apple iPad integrated into futuristic car concepts like the back seat of the Audi A3 Concept or the front seat of the Volkswagen Bulli. Just how to integrate Apple's tablet and others like it has been much on the minds of the forward thinkers in the electronics labs at Audi and its parent the Volkswagen Group. However, ...