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    1. Porsche 960 Could Share Next-Gen Audi R8 MSS Platform Says AutoCar Intel Report

      AutoCar has published an intel piece about the upcoming mid-engine Porsche project dubbed "Porsche 960" in previous intel we've seen in the press. The car, slated to position between 911 and 918 is expected to be Porsche's answer to the Ferrari 458. And, if this latest AutoCar report from Greg Kable is correct, the 960 may jump from the MSB-M architecture reported on two weeks ago by Georg Kacher ...
    2. Audi R5 and Next-generation R8 Intel Update Via CAR Magazine Porsche Story

      CAR Magazine has published a series of intel stories about upcoming Porsche product and since it's from correspondent Georg Kacher, we listened closely. Kacher's sources tend to be board level so they're more than simple rumor and though this series was about Porsche, the Stuttgart brand's injection into the Volkswagen Group means that much of the intel carries ...