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    1. Audi S8 Promotional Trailer Released by Audi Germany

      Last week Audi dropped a collection of detail photos of the new S8 on the public via the company's German market consumer site. At the time, the only multimedia attached was that amazing 4.0 TFSI engine note found via the link in our previous article. Those looking for moving pictures were out of luck. Since then, Audi has added a promotional trailer to the site as well and it was ...
    2. Audis at Dubs on the Delaware as Covered by quattroholic

      Forget what you've heard about earthquakes and hurricanes, because living in the north eastern section of the US is fantastically rich with events. No, not natural disaster events... they're actually quite rare. We mean enthusiast events.

      Case in point is Dubs on the Delaware. Yes, as four-ringers we wish there'd be a little less 'Dub' and a little more 'Ring' ...
    3. Audi Exclusive Sighting: Imola Yellow RS 5 Coupe for Sale in UK

      Introduced during the B5 S4 era, Imola Yellow has long been the color for those Audi owners looking to get noticed. For the 2012 model year, this gold hue has finally been pulled from the S4 palette but that won't stop fans of Imola to continue to order it via Audi Exclusive. Case in point is this RS 5 found by quattroholic for sale in the UK via Ebay. ...
    4. More S7 Test Mules Spied in Spain

      The guys over at quattroholic and their mediterranean spy photographer contacts have nabbed another Audi mule testing in Spain. This time around the car appears to be an S7. The car sports HN license plate (HN standing for Heilbronn, the same that's on all of Audi's Heilbronn-based test cars) and could indicate it's a quattro GmbH mule (thus RS 7), but our money ...
    5. Uncovered Audi Avus Concept Scans Over at quattroholic

      When the Audi Avus concept car was unveiled at the 1991 Tokyo Motor Show, it ushered in a new era for Audi in many ways. Fitted with an as-of-yet unseen W12 engine and made of an aluminum space frame, this car and its polished aluminum panels sparked the imagination of those ...
    6. Video: Querkraftfrei Audi A5 Featured on YouTube by Autobild

      Just a few minutes ago we published a feature about the Querkraftfrei Audi A5 prototype. German car magazine Autobild recently had a chance to drive and test the car and have published a webisode on the car and its technology over on YouTube. Watch it and you'll see how the car works, including the net effect on liquid (orange juice) in a glass held in the cupholder. Thank-you ...
    7. Another Set of B8 RS 4 Photos on quattroholic Offer More Angles of View

      As is common with a new test mule, there've been quite a few news outlets offering different sets of shots of the car. In the case of yesterday's B8 RS 4 Avant, this has certainly been the case. We reported on a set from MotorAuthority last night and ran our own set early this morning. Now quattroholic.com has published a new set we haven't yet seen offering even ...
    8. Audi Driver: Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom Rock the New Audi A8

      Victoria's Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr (above) and actor husband Orlando Bloom were caught this week by paparazzi getting into a new D4 Audi A8. Kerr is rumored pregnant so the added size of an A8 sure beats Bloom's Norton Commando 961 SE motorcycle as baby taxi.

      So is this Bloom's or Kerr's new car? We know Orlando has an association with Audi UK and thus Audi in general. Contacts at Audi have hinted ...