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    1. Find of the Day: Audi SEMA Show TTS Coupe for Sale at Dealership in Nevada

      Pardon the pimping of our own new exhaustiv car listing aggregator but we were surfing it this morning on a search for cool cars to include in an ad banner we'll be running on this site to help raise awareness of the new feature when we ran across this familiar-looking TTS coupe.

      As you may remember, Audi built several cars as part of its presence at ...
    2. New Wheel from STaSIS Evolves a Popular Look

      An image surfaced today of a new wheel from Audi tuning company STaSIS. Essentially it's a re-take/re-make on the classic VMR, which is a classic HRE Monoblock, which is itself a very close interpretation of the BBS racing wheel used on the Porsche RS Spyder LMP2 racecar. Completely unique and original the basic look may not be but that's not a bother as the net effect is one of the best looking wheel designs on the market. ...