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    1. Audi A3 Mule Spied Practically Undisguised in Spain

      As the new MQB-based Audi A3 moves toward its Geneva Motor Show debut, miles are still be ing logged on A3 test mules. This particular one, practically undisguised with the exception of some masking around the lighting elements, was caught driving down public roads in Spain. Thanks Kiky for the eagle eye, snapping a quick photo and sharing it with us. Expect full coverage of the Geneva Auto Show debut of the new A3 in early March. ...
    2. Breaking: Audi RS 6 Test Mule Spied Cold Weather Testing

      Just in from spy photographers in the coldest areas of Sweden are shots of one very interesting looking black A6-based Avant. With more aggressive front fascia (spotted on some earlier test mules) a wider track and add-on fender flares, there's no doubting that this is a preproduction prototype of the RS 6 Avant. Big ceramic brakes underneath A8 wheels ...
    3. #INTEL - Facelifted A5 Sportback Test Mule Spied on the Autobahn

      Product improvements (internally referred to as PIs) of both the A4 and A5 as well as subsequent S and RS variants are due to begin rolling out as early as late this year so we're not surprised to see early prototypes sporting some of the changes appearing out and about. The first car we'd spotted was at the Nurburgring a few weeks ago and was likely an RS 4 . Now this week a set of photos of a camouflaged ...
    4. Audi A6 Avant Spied Hot Weather Testing

      Brenda Priddy, queen of all auto spies at least on this side of the pond, has nabbed Audi hot weather testing the Avant version of their latest A6 and a collection of her shots (including the one above) have been published in larger format over on Road & Track's ...
    5. Spied: Next-Gen Audi A6 Spotted in American Southwest Nearly Undisguised

      Road & Track has run a story about the upcoming C7 Audi A6 along with some new spy photos shot during hot weather testing in the American Southwest. New A6 mules have been seen recently from Nurburgring to public roads but this is one of the first findings of the car on American soil and, while we're at it, essentially ...
    6. Spied: Next-Gen Audi A6 Back in Testing at Nurburgring and Spied by PistonSpy

      Our buddy Tony Dewhurst over at PistonSpy has nabbed the latest set of A6 test mule spy photos. It appears a heavily camouflaged A6 sedan was at the Nurburgring this morning going through the usual testing shakedown.

      As you can see Tony nabbed many shots of the car so make sure to go over to his blog and check them out.

      Full Story ...
    7. Spied: Audi S8 Spy Photos at SpyShots.nl

      It appears that the next-generation Audi S8 is alive, well and testing in the United States according to the latest spy photos we've found at SpyShots.nl. Outwardly this looks like new-generation A8 riding on some fairly boring wheels but the quad tailpipes and test car status suggest it's an S8 mule.

      We expect the new S8 will make use of the upcoming 4.0T FSI turbocharged V8 that ...
    8. Spied: Shots of Audi S7 Testing at Nurburgring from Al Volante.it

      AlVolante.it has published a set of photos of what is believed to be an Audi S7 test mule running laps at the Nurburgring. Why an S7? Note the quad exhaust tips at the rear and a mechanical spoiler on the rear decklid. Both are great indicators. AlVolante has a whole set of photos that are worth checking out.

      As published before, the S7 is believed to ...
    9. Spied: Next-Generation Audi A6 Virtually Undisguised

      Somehow we missed this round of spy photos last week but two readers independently sent us links to sites publishing them including Spyshots.nl and Car & Driver. We already know quite a bit about the new A6, that it will be based on a version of the Audi MLB architecture and is close in size to the A7. Interestingly though, this near undisguised shot shows more of a rounded A4-ish nose than the A8 or ...