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    1. Geneva 2011: Specialty Car Manufacturers with an Audi Heart. Photo Galleries of Gumpert and Spyker.

      One thing we love about the Geneva Auto Show is its magnetic attraction to design houses like Giugiaro, Pininfarina, Bertone and Touring Superleggera as well as specialty sports car manufacturers like Spyker and Gumpert.

      Having been through a tough economy the ranks of this cottage industry as seen on display at Geneva may have ...
    2. Teaser Image Released of Gumpert Tornante, Power by Audi, Design by Touring Superleggera

      Back in January we posted news that Gumpert would team with Italian carrozzeria Touring Superleggera in the design of its second model to be dubbed Tornante. At the time the news didn't include anything in the way of pics but the niche German supercar manufacturer has now released its first teaser drawing of the car.

      Up until now, Gumpert has left an interesting ...
    3. #Geneva2011: Gumpert Pairs with Touring Superleggera for New Second Model in Range

      If we had one complaint about the obscenely fast Audi-powered Gumpert Apollo supercar it just might be the cars looks. If you buy a car of this sort, basically a roadgoing racecar with a seating space molded into its carbon fiber shell custom tailored to your glutes, you can't exactly be a whiner about the cupholders. Still, it seems universal ...