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    1. Possible Design Leak: Is This The New Audi TT in Photo from Audi Design Center?

      Okay, we'll admit we may be making something out of nothing here but you never know and what you see here is intriguing enough that we thought we should point it out. We've just published the news story about Wolfgang Egger taking over as Audi brand design chief and noticed Audi AG published a new portrait of the designer to go with the text. Standard practice on our staff is to look closely in the background of any photos coming ...
    2. Audi's Wolfgang Egger Talks quattro Concept, A1, S1, A2 and Possible X6 Competitor in Sicily

      Inside Line's European editor Alistair Weaver attended the first British wave of the Audi A6 launch event in Italy recently and, while there, had a chance to sit down with Audi Group design chief Wolfgang Egger. The conversation touched on several future product topics. Here's a quick rundown.

      The next-generation ...