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    1. Virtual Holiday Mantle (VHM): Seasons Greetings from Fourtitude

      We've got a few more holiday cards to post though family holiday events are slowing our progress. More to come later today or tonight but for now we wanted to get our own holiday e-card up. Happy holidays to all of our readers. Thank you for your continued use and participation in our website and may you have the very best of new years.
    2. Video: Facebook Spot Reveals Audi Sport North Africa TT Racer Livery

      Okay, we typically try not to be so misleading with our titles. Yes, I know the screencap (above) and video (linked below) are from Forza 3 and not reality and my own intel within Audi hasn't alerted me of an Audi Sport North Africa campaign of a TT but can you blame me as editor of Fourtitude for being smitten?

      It seems some very cool fans of Audi and assumedly this website not only designed gave ...