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    1. Four Ringer: Crazy Ur quattro Laps Nordschleife on Public Day

      We hadn't planned on making two posts in a row (much less the same day) from Nordschleifenbilder.de but this car warrants the second post. We're not sure what to make of this very purposeful looking Audi that seems to be based on the Audi ur quattro. While doors, roof and hood appear stock the car's super wide bodywork would make even the legendary Sport quattro envious of their ...
    2. Four Ringer: Audi 50 Lapping the Nordshleife

      One of our favorite sites must certainly be Nordschliefenbilder.de - the cataloguer extraordinaire of cool cars lapping the world's coolest test track. If you care to spend hours perusing countless photos of random German metal rounding the legendary Nurburgring then we highly suggest a visit.

      As for today's selection of cars one of our favorites was this subtly ...