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    1. 4.0T FSI Alert: Audi's Next-Gen Wunder Engine Revealed in Bentley Press Release

      There've been any number of rumors about the engine that will power Audi's upcoming S and RS variants. We've read everything from V10 biturbo to high-rev V8 in the mags but at the end of the day we're keeping our money on the biturbo 4.0T FSI to motivate the S6, S7, S8 (likely more as 4.2 is phased out) and likely RS variants of each will be a biturbo 4.0T. An extremely senior source in Germany mentioned 4.0T to us a while back ...
    2. Find of the Day: Imola Yellow UrS6 on Ebay

      The last of and most potent of Audi's legendary 5-cylinder turbo sold in America was that of the original S6 a.k.a. ur S6. Production ceased in the back half of the 1990s but these sedans and avants maintain a cult following. While rare, it's not hard to find well-maintained and often-modded versions for sale online but one in Imola Yellow... that's a bit of a find.

      Given it's on Ebay we can't verify the condition ...