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    1. Audi S7 Mule Spied sans Camo & Featured at Left Lane News

      Left Lane News has published a set of Carpix spy photos where the photographer captured what is believed to be an Audi S7 test mule undergoing testing. Please note, the image above is a mockup by our staff. We'd posted one image with the intent to push readers to see the rest at Left Lane News but they've blocked that so read below for more information on where ...
    2. Lamborghini Murcielago Replacement Spied at Nurburgring

      Winding Road has published a story and an eight photo gallery about the upcoming replacement for the Lamborghini Diablo. Believed to be a test mule of the very car Sant Agata has been dropping teaser photos of, the rumormill suggests the car will be dubbed 'Jota'.

      Winding Road says the car will be an aluminum space frame wrapped liberally with carbon fiber and their photographer ...
    3. New Audi A7 Spy Photos Found at Quattroholic

      A7 spy photos aren't exactly hens teeth when it comes to rarity but a new set is a new set and these shots from quattroholic are both high-res and clean angles. Granted, the car has headache-inducing psychadelia vinyl wrapped over a ll exposed surfaces save lights and windows, but elements liket he car's R8 and A1-like shoulder-mounted rearview mirrors are interesting ...
    4. New Audi A7 Spy Photos & Rumors from AutoCar Including RS 7 Mention

      AutoCar has run a new report about the upcoming Audi A7 four door coupe due sometime later this year. The story includes two new spy photos of an A7 mule in testing and suggests a few details that we can comment on based on our own intel sources.

      First is the release date, set for a Paris Auto Show reveal says AutoCar. We'd said the Moscow Auto Show earlier but we hear that's been changed. ...