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    Conversation Between absoluteczech and Mr.Alex

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    1. Yea but you are graced with beautiful roads man. I try to drive around the ****ty streets and stuff but sometimes you still get caught in a cluster****. Your GTI is how I ultimately planned my CW to be. Its conservative yet classy and appealing, I hope your right about the life. What shocks would you recommend if anything, Konis? or should I just get the eibach ones.
    2. long time.. i had pro kit springs on my mkv rabbit for 15k miles with 0 problems. pro kit is a very mild drop. i would guess atleast 40k or more
    3. How long do you think I could last with pro-kit on stock shocks, just by your experience.
    4. Prob 3-4k before I went back to coils
    5. How long did you go on stock shocks and H&R's?
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