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    Conversation Between TLud and Trackhead

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    1. Jim, no worries about not running into each other on Saturday. I forgot to turn my ringer on that morning until after you called me. It's pretty nuts how many cars show up.

      I haven't mounted the boost gauge yet. The Podi steering wheel mount for the R actually mounts over toward the left side, so it doesn't block anything. Check out this picture of the gauge in an R (although this guy didn't get the matching blue needle like I did). As you can see, the Podi gauge sits in front of the redline area of the tachometer, so it's not blocking anything.

      I'm sure I'll see you around soon.

    2. You might need to revisit the gloss charcoal color also. Driving home tonight, I saw a Platinum Grey Metallic Jetta with gloss anthracite Enkeis that looked really, really good.
    3. The only thing that would steer me away from the satin black is that it looks like it's already getting played out a little bit. As we talked about before, CSG is a difficult color to mod. Not a lot of options, and a lot of people already realize that black looks good on CSG (just look at the CSG picture thread). Fortunately, Rs are so limited, it's not really an issue in real life. If you want something a little more unique on the forums, the brushed tinted clear might actually be a more unique route.
    4. Hey Jim, I'm going to completely go back on my original opinion about black wheels. I've done a lot of looking around, and I think you're exactly right about satin black being the best choice for CSG. HRE's satin black finish is really amazing. If you go with HREs, I think brushed tinted clear would also look really good, and even satin charcoal could be nice (although I'm less sure about this one). Seeing my gloss charcoal next to your car, I'd vote against that one. Looks a little too color matched.

      I'd also recommend that you get a hair more offset than the ET47 I got. With a 19x8.5" wheel, I'd go with ET48 - ET50.

      Hope this helps.

    5. TLud,

      I've beed following your Euro spring thread here on VW Vortex and also on Kilometermagazine. I'm located in Houston as well, on the west side, near I-10 and Wilcrest.

      I just picked up a loaded CSG R in Dallas last Friday. Got really lucky. I had a deposit on order with West Houston VW and they anticipated a 6-9 month delivery. Then I located the car in Dallas and learned it's the only one in Texas and no other CSG's are showing up on the Texas allocation list. Found it last Thursday, flew to Dallas Friday morning and drove her home Friday afternoon. Loving it so far...

      I'm very eager to hear more about your expeience with the euro springs and hope you'd be willing to share what I'd need to do to replicate on my car. If you're up to it I'd love to meet somewhere so I can see the results live.

      Thanks in advance.

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