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    Building a Corrado "RS"

    Corrado RS - How Paul Walker Influenced My Automotive Enthusiasm

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    "The death of Paul Walker is shocking, saddening, and yet I could not figure out why his death was having such an impact on me. Why was it bothering me? The earliest memory I have of anything tuner related has to be some time before I was nine years old (between 1983 and 1992). This I know because it was in my family’s first apartment, and I distinctly remember sitting on the couch, with the latest issue of Automobile Magazine, reading the “Not For US” (pun intended I’m sure) column about the (now I know this) Subaru WRX STI, chassis code GC. All I remember is that, whomever the author was, had an ear-to-ear grin on his face. At least that’s what I gleamed from the article. Fast-forward ten years…"

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    1. printer8driver's Avatar
      Great information, thanks!

      R.I.P Paul Walker!
    2. maximusa's Avatar
      He was a cool guy it's a shame he is gone so soon.
    3. VMRWheels's Avatar
      Great write up!
    4. Swaginwagon's Avatar
      feeel the exact way as well i didnt feel the same for a week after he passed i was struck... i was only in 4th grade when that movie came out and been stuck to imports ever since!! all thanks to paul and the gang greatly missed forever!!