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    Caption This 24 Hours of Le Mans Edition: Re-Thinking Timo & The Lions

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    We get some photos via our various sources that make us scratch our heads and some that simply make us laugh aloud. This is usually followed by an attempt to caption what's going on. So why not apply to the above? I was just revisiting our photo gallery from the 1000 km of Spa earlier this season. At the time this was just an odd photo, but given this year's equally odd 24 Hours of Le Mans it takes on new meaning. So feel free to take a stab.

    And yeah, that was Timo driving the winning Audi in Le Mans.


    1. ProjectA3's Avatar
      "Silly French, i fart in your general direction"
    2. lappies's Avatar
      Caption of what Timo is thinking: "If only they knew" .............
    3. lappies's Avatar
      "So that's what roasted Lion looks like"
    4. G-radoT's Avatar
      Timo: "Do you know who I am Mo-Fo?"
      "We've got a special can of whoop-a$$ to open on you cats at La Sarthe".
    5. sounrealx's Avatar
      The driver second from the left looks like sacha baron cohen from borat