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    Render Artist Larson Creates Audi A2 Mockup with Interesting Spin on Audi Trademark Grille

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    Executives at Audi have not been terribly secretive about the upcoming successor to the ahead-of-its-time Audi A2. This time around the car is expected to make use of a shared platform and not an Audi Space Frame made of aluminum in order to keep costs in line. An upright 5-door is most likely and thus far we've seen no shortage of photoshop renders usually based off of a Volkswagen Up! concept and usually tacked on with Audi design cues pulled from shots of concept cars like the Audi Sportback. One of the latest examples of an A2 render has just surfaced from our friend Larson who's published the piece in AutoBild.

    First of all, this impression isn't exactly a render. Larson's made the work to lok more like a design drawing you'd see come from Audi's design department and he's done so by taking his own artistic liberties with Audi Design direction in mind... something we're particularly impressed by every time we look at his work. This is no Up! with a Sportback nose and the nose that is there is perhaps one of the most interesting aspects. For this Larson went with a more aerodynamic non-grille, open only at the top. The shape of the Audi grille remains but the actual ventilation is much smaller with the four rings of the Audi emblem overlapping and keeping the tying the two sections together visually. Pretty cool.

    Read more about it (in Dutch) after the jump.

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