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    Audi A7 Photos Leak Two Days Ahead of Munich Reveal

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    It just goes to show, a secret is only a secret until you tell someone. We're guessing some embargo photos went out to some outlet or another who managed to let these shots of the A7 slip out into the public domain about two days ahead of schedule. Why? The shots are legitimate from what we can tell and look like PR shots, while the selection is still just a few pics that would hint at a small pre-reveal embargo collection. We've found the shots at and you can see all of them (like the one linked above) over there.

    We fly out for Munich tomorrow and will be covering the Monday reveal in person and as such we'll hold off until the actual reveal to host any photos of the A7 here on this website. Still, we knew our readers would like to ogle the car just as soon as is/was possible and thus the link.

    Check out more after the jump and thanks Hans Z. for the tip.

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    1. chewym's Avatar
      Too bad about the leak, I remember having a fun thread in TCL with the A8 reveal. The A7 looks sharp with a nice interior, if not on the A8 level.
    2. Travis Grundke's Avatar
      It looks nice, and very, very similar to the concept. I just wish Audi would have been a bit more aggressive with the production version of the front fascia, ala the concept. I actually like the more hexagonal take on the front end, and it allows the headlamps to have a bit more flair to them (gives them that "pinched in" look toward the grille, expanding outward as it moves toward the flanks).

      Otherwise, much like the LeMans concept, this vehicle came into production almost identical to what was shown (and driven) a few months back. Great work.