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    Audi RS 3 Spy Photos Round 2: On Road and Nearly Production Spec

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    Remember that Audi RS 3 test mule that popped up yesterday? You know... the black one with pretty much production spec appearance and Volkswagen Golf R wheels. That car has popped up again and this time has run even more photos showing it from several angles.

    Along with links to the photos we've also been told that some of the internet buzz about the car on other website suggests this car may be dubbed S3 plus and/or that production might not happen before the car migrates to the MQB architecture with the next major generational change due very soon.

    So What's Our Take?
    First, we're banking on this car being called an RS 3. An S3 plus, if you follow Audi's most recent RS 6 plus as example, would entail an Audi Exclusive interior and maybe a more powerful version of the S3's 2.0T. These cars have been seen undergoing too much testing to think it would be for simply a hotter ECU. Second, it's highly doubtful Audi would apply its RS nose design language to an S-car. Our money is on an RS 3 with TT RS engine/transmission setup and RS style nose and rear fascia. Like the TT RS, we're doubting the RS 3 will get any special fenders in order to keep development costs down and make a more rapid transition to market given the lateness in the lifecycle of the current Type 8P Audi A3 chassis.

    See more photos after the jump. Thanks Hans Z for the tip.

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    1. wunde's Avatar
      Interesting to note the lack of dual oval exhaust tips.
    2. Travis Grundke's Avatar
      The RS3 is very interesting because it is coming so late in the product cycle. With the A3 set for a new platform within 12 months, I really find it difficult to believe that Audi would launch the RS3 now or in the near future.

      That is, of course, unless Audi is planning on delaying the next generation A3 a bit more, or if they're not planning on the next gen A3 to go on sale in Europe until late 2011, with a March-ish intro next year.

      Any word, George?
    3. automobiliben's Avatar
      Anyone know where those photos were taken? The article doesn't say...
    4. QUATTR0's Avatar
      Yep, same questions here as to why they're releasing it so late with the next A3 due in Geneva 2011. Don't think the new A3 will be delayed either, as it's already the oldest product (intro 2003) in Audi's portfolio.

      My guess is they're testing the next gen S3 or RS3 under the old skin.
      Updated 08-09-2010 at 08:35 PM by QUATTR0