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    Video: Allan McNish Spa Race Diary from AutoSport

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    We've just stumbled upon this fantastic video diary by Audi Sport works driver Allan McNish and also starring his teammates Tom Kristensen and Dindo Capello to some degree. Produced by the UK motorsport magazine AutoSport, the video gives a fantastic view behind the scenes of Allan and his teammates at this weekend's race at Spa. The piece also gives great insight as to complications and difficulties experienced by the Audi team as well as reveals that Dindo Capello is a total Farmville addict.

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    1. Skela's Avatar
      Fantastic! Thanks for posting. A great find!
    2. Tim@VMG's Avatar
      "And by lower speeds, I mean anything under 120 MPH or so..."
      I love it.
      That's a neat diary. Cool to have a look inside their world. Thanks for posting it up, George!
    3. xtinct's Avatar
      G8 info thx for sharing