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    Spied: Possible Audi S1 Mule Out Testing

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    We're not certain but we suspect the spy photographers who nabbed this Ingolstadt plated A1 running big wheels may be correct that it is an S1 test mule. Few details are confirmed about the upcoming S-version making us suspect most of the rumors around the car are just that but most suggest a 1.4-liter turbocharged 4-banger.

    Will it have quattro? If it doesn't it'll be the first S-car ever to not have all-wheel drive but that may be the case. Why? Up until now the current PQ25 chassis set on which the A1 (and the VW Polo) are based has not been built with an all-wheel drive setup. Audi AG board member in charge of development Michael Dick has told us that Audi is 'working on an all-wheel drive version' but refused to get more specific. Previous A1 concept cars in hybrid form have featured electrical power to the rear but we'd guess an S1 would make use of a more conventional setup. Since PQ25 is a transverse engine setup, this'd likely mean Haldex.

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    1. Cal330ci's Avatar
      They need to bring this car to North American... look how well the BMW 1 series is doing