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    Lamborghini Murcielago Replacement Spied at Nurburgring

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    Winding Road has published a story and an eight photo gallery about the upcoming replacement for the Lamborghini Diablo. Believed to be a test mule of the very car Sant Agata has been dropping teaser photos of, the rumormill suggests the car will be dubbed 'Jota'.

    Winding Road says the car will be an aluminum space frame wrapped liberally with carbon fiber and their photographer says 700 hp from a new V12.

    So What Do We Think
    We're not sure about the Jota name. Maybe it's an internal designation but Jota wasn't exactly the most iconic or highest performance Lamborghini ever and short of Reventon-style specials, we would guess this car will be Lambo's performance leader. For this reason and because Lamborghini rarely if ever goes back to previously used names, we're guessing Jota won't be used but should qualify that we are guessing and this is only based on previous Lamborghini behavior.

    More interesting though is the hardware. This car will be the first to use the Volkswagen Group's MSS supercar architecture and will show just how extensively that setup can go to carbon fiber. We've heard internally that this will be considerable and, given that, wonder just how much aluminum there will be here.

    The engine is another point of wonder for us. Even the Winding Road piece seems unclear and in disagreement with intel from their photographer. Could Lamborghini try to update the classic V12 that's been in use in some shape or form for generations of Lamborghini or will the Volkswagen Group move the model fully into the future and use a VAG-design as the Gallardo has done. We expect this will be revealed late next week at the Paris Auto Show. For now check out the photos spy over at Winding Road.

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    1. Tim@VMG's Avatar
      FWIW, "Jota" has been used as an internal designation at Lamborghini for special performance based models ever since the Jota ("J") version of the original Miura that Bob Wallace put together for FIA Class J specs. Lambo later sold some SV/J models with some of the Jota upgrades to customers.