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    Audi News Blog Publishes Next-Gen Audi A3 Sedan Render

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    A sedan version of the next-generation Audi A3 seems more than just a rumor. We've heard mention of it all throughout the press and even internally at Audi. With not even spy photos of the next-gen A3 seen testing yet it is a bit premature to suggest final design of the car is known but has made a guess in pixels and we find it intriguing.

    Taking known current Audi design cues of the latest Audis, the car uses elements like the A8's coupe-like C-pillar treatment and marries them to proportions expected to be close to that of the next-gen MQB-based A3.

    So What Do We Think
    It may not be longitudinal or a traditional Torsen diff but the upcoming MQB-based A3 sedan is a car we're watching with great interest. The car's size will likely be the closest Audi sedan we've seen to the magical B5 A4 sizing since the retirement of that car, which we're guessing will play well with Audi customers. Even better, transverse engine fitment suggests that an S3 or RS 3 version using the 2.5T FSI from the TT RS is entirely possible (and probable). We're hoping Audi chooses a setup like Haldex's XWD (similar in function to the Sport Differential in the S4) to put power to the ground and can't wait to see the results.

    Is this car close? Who knows. It's entirely a guess but we doubt the car not due in at least a year would be so literal with today's styling cues and woun't be surprised to see more cues taken from more forward-looking designs like the Audi e-tron Spyder or Audi quattro concepts from Paris.

    Read more about the A3 sedan over on GermanCarBlog after the jump.

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