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    Audi quattro Teaser Pics from Malibu Today

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    We've spent the day today in Malibu, California today driving and photographing the Audi quattro Concept. While we'd hoped to file a report by day's end we decided to change our schedule around a bit and follow the car to a late afternoon shoot on the Pacific Coast Highway. On top of that FTP uploads aren't working from our hotel so I've only been able to upload a few pics. For these reasons the driving report (and some great background) will have to wait until Friday when we're back in the office. For now, here are a few pics from our day.


    1. ProjectA3's Avatar
      you lucky bastard
    2. V0LKSWAGENSRULE's Avatar
      Camaro much?
    3. GimmeUrQ's Avatar
      Camaro? You need a new prescription of something...
    4. iMod.:R's Avatar
      Corrado and S5 hook up and one thing leads to another...BOOM, Quattro Concept!
    5. Lucky736's Avatar
      Looks like a Camaro, an LF-A, and a Corrado had a long night. Lol.
    6. DieselLove's Avatar
      Love the way the concept resembles its elder 20vCQ/S2.