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    Hair Dress This! BMW 1 Series M and Aston V8 Vantage both Slower Than Audi TT RS 'Round the 'Ring

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    We just caught a VERY interesting headline today by our buddies over at Jalopnik. The story title reads "BMW 1 Series M Rounds Nürburgring Slower than Audi TT-RS". Okay Jalop, you have our attention.

    Of course BMW hasn't published a lap time for its new M-ified 1er but the guys at Gawker's car blog are reporting that 1Addicts user Steved witnessed and timed a run by the BMW 1 Series M and reports the car will do the Nordschliefe in 8:12. That's faster than an E60 M5 (8:13) but slower than an E63 M6 (8:09). More importantly on the pages of Fourtitude, that may be slower than the Aston Martin V8 Vantage (8:13), but it's slower than the Audi TT RS (8:09)!

    We've long been fans of the Mk2 TT and especially in it's most potent - the TT RS. The latter is due here sometime next year and we can't wait. We've spent time in the car (report coming soon) and find it to be an affordable European sportscar with an exotic feel. We've never been fans of those who write the car off as a 'Hairdresser's Car' presumably suggesting it's style over substance. To those who think the TT RS may lack substance, we suggest they inquire with BMW. Otherwise, hair dress this.

    Also, read the full Jalopnik story via the link below.

    Full Story - Jalopnik