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    Next-Generation Audi RS 6 Render from Theophilus Chin

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    Theophilus Chin is at it again with another C7 render, this time the next Audi RS 6. From the looks of it Chin added silver mirrors and honeycomb grille to the C7, and from there pulled styling cues such as the chin, box flares and tri-five alloys straight from the current C6-generation RS 6.

    Chin's got two images on his website (linked below), including a rear shot that appears to have a lower valance lifted from the TT RS and so a more recent take on RS design language.

    So what's our take?
    First, we suspect there will be a new RS 6 but are not sure if there will be a sedan even if there is. Why? As the RS 5 likely spells doom for an RS 4 sedan given the duplicity of it all, an RS 7 doesn't help the case of an RS 6 sedan. Perhaps Audi will go the current believed plan for RS 4 and do solely an RS 6 Avant. Such a move would make more sense though likely relegate RS 6 to continue on as Euro only. We'd be more interested in seeing Chin apply the RS conversion to his recent C7 A6 Avant renders .

    Also, we doubt the car will bear such a literal resemblance to its predecessor. Audi's box flares have evolved to something more subtle on the RS 5 and we'd guess the next RS 6 will get something more like that or maybe even subtler. Also, we'd guess the nose would have the frowning mouth now common on all RS cars since the old RS 6 (RS 5, TT RS, RS 3), though maybe skip the more audacious silver trim of the RS 3 that included in their recent rendering .

    Check out Chin's rear shot of the C7 RS 6 or maybe leave some comments on what you think at his website via the link below.

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