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    What the Heck is an Audi T-Tron? Hint: It Doesn't Have T-tops

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    What you see above is called the Audi T-tron? What's a T-tron? Answer: T-tron is a (photoshop) styling exercise by Theophilus Chin whereby he's applied the greenhouse of a production Audi TT to the body of Audi's quattro Concept.

    The result is interesting in that it shows the similarity of the quattro's design to other e-tron models. When we first spied the 3/4 above we thought the car might be a modified take on the blue Detroit e-tron. The final result is handsome though we think it loses some of its Audi character without that 80s inspired fastback C-pillar. We'd be curious to know your take.

    See more photos at Chin's website linked below.

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    1. EisenFaust's Avatar
      Hmm. SC430?
    2. R5T's Avatar
      All depend on the direction Audi will take, on the 3th Gen TT.
      With Michael Dick still in the drivers seat the TT would be a mix of Mk1 and Mk2 TT according to him.
      But now with a ex-Porsche guy on that seat it could be a complete different ball game.
      Looking at the Porsche 991 and the newest VW Beetle, i expect the next TT could lean more to a retro design than ever before to lett the car keep it's TT-ness.
      On the other hand they can trough everything overboard and start from scratch using the "quattro Concept" as a base to start designing.
      In that case the car only need a new roofline and a more TT-ness rear end.

      Updated 08-15-2012 at 07:02 AM by R5T