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    Ullrich Comments, News is Made. Audi and F1 Rumors Continue.

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    Funny thing about Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich. The illustrious chief of Audi Sport may not have the household name star power of some of his drivers but to those in the know his word carries even more importance. The rule of Ullrich speaking and many, many listening is somewhat E.F. Huttonesque and certainly one to cause headlines. And... Ullrich's not always the most chatty either. Imagine how things would be if the man had the gift of gab. Anyway, chat he did this week loosely on F1 and Audi's considerations of the premiere open wheel series.

    So here are the details. Dr. Ullrich spoke to the Ingolstadt regional Donau Kurier newspaper about F1, especially F1 post 2013 when an expected standardized engine formula may be adopted.

    "Audi regularly assesses the situation in Formula One," he admitted.

    Okay. So they're considering. We'd be surprised if they didn't.

    So what else did he say? Essentially, F1 is not Audi's first priority and, "From an image point of view, Audi already comes out high in consideration of 'sportiness' and 'sporting success'."

    Ullrich also went to a mainstay of his own thinking when it comes to F1, which is that 'Vorsprung durch Technik' (progress through technology) has not been compatible with F1 for "the past 15 years".

    Get ready though. With this new engine formula, a business case for F1 will well be made. The last 15 years may have nothing on the future come 2013.

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    1. R5T's Avatar
      I don't watch F1 and i will still not watch F1 even if Audi enters.
      It is a boring sport for many years and a rule change will change nothing about that.