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    Theophilus Chin Takes a Stab at the Upcoming Audi A9

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    We reported recently about an intel report we'd caught out of Automobile Magazine and their illustrious German contributor Georg Kacher. The piece was mainly about the architecture development movements within the Volkswagen Group including that of a new MSB front mid-engine large car chassis destined for future large automobiles from the Volkswagen Group's portfolio of models including Audi. Among the rumored offerings to make use of MSB was, according to Kacher, an Audi A9 coupe and roadster due in 2016.

    Playing off of that rumor, photoshop designer Theophilus Chin has rendered what he thinks an A9 may look like.

    So What Do We Think?
    We reference Chin regularly on these pages and are often impressed by his work that usually stays very close to existing models and follows expected design changes. That strategy is great for short-term model extensions, added body offerings or mild facelifts but you can't really do that when trying to project out to a model that's got no basis from the factory. In that light Chin has done what most artists of this type do and used existing Audi models (mostly Audi A7) and liberally changed it to appear larger and more luxurious as one would expect the A9 to be.

    That said, Kacher never said A9 would be a Sportback and we're wondering if the A9 may be a larger brother to the A5 coupe and cabriolet models than to the A7. Still, it's fun to look at and Chin has a rear shot as well after the jump.

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