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    Find of the Day: Imola Yellow UrS6 on Ebay

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    The last of and most potent of Audi's legendary 5-cylinder turbo sold in America was that of the original S6 a.k.a. ur S6. Production ceased in the back half of the 1990s but these sedans and avants maintain a cult following. While rare, it's not hard to find well-maintained and often-modded versions for sale online but one in Imola Yellow... that's a bit of a find.

    Given it's on Ebay we can't verify the condition of the car though we would mention that mileage is at 200k and that the person listing it on ebay acknowledges the car shows a branded salvage title in the title search which is also inconsistent with the title he says he holds. Further, there's no mention whether the car's yellow paint is from the factory or something done after the fact.

    Still, if the car is in good condition then the $4,100 Buy-It-Now price seems reasonable for a claimed 310 hp example in an unlikely color. The downside, you're going to have to travel to Kalispell Montana to check it out.

    More at EbayMotors after the jump.

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    1. ACD's Avatar
      That caught my eye - until I realized it is total junk. Note the silver engine bay. Sad Audi.
    2. George@Fourtitude's Avatar
      Here's another oddity. It's been pulled from Ebay.
    3. turbo_nine's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by George@Fourtitude
      Here's another oddity. It's been pulled from Ebay.
      Also note the front bumper is from an A6 -- it's visibly smaller at the front wheel opening.
    4. ACD's Avatar
      Probably because the car was totalled in an accident and poorly rebuilt. I like how the guy had said his title was clean - duh! that's the whole racket being run with phony clean titles. Interesting post none the less.
    5. turbo_nine's Avatar
      Very likely. I recall that this same car was for sale not more than a couple years ago, possibly with different wheels. Many hands, and at least one good wreck.
    6. PizzaCat!'s Avatar
      Was the UrS6 even available in Imola Yellow in the states?? It's obviously been covered that it's not the original color, but I'm just curious.
    7. UncleJB's Avatar
      As someone that used to live in Montana, I can tell you with some certainty that their DMV is more than a little behind the times.

      It may well be that he has a clean Montana title for all he knows. Up until about 3 years ago, your registration was printed on a dot matrix printer 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper.

      Temp plates are the same piece of paper with the date hand written in Sharpie and taped to your back window.

      On the other hand...endless smooth highways with miles of visiblity...mmm-mmm good.